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Church Mouse Players:

Our next Dinner Theatre is planned for the spring of 2024,
so please get in touch if you wish to "Get Involved".

If you wish to get tickets for the next event see our Contact Us web page for more information.

What are the benefits of being involved in a fun and energetic drama group like the Church Mouse Players. :>)

A good drama group is one which has the people with the perfect blend of skills, characters and personalities. Many people think that because they are not experienced actors or technicians, they do not have the skills necessary to volunteer with the Church Mouse Players. This is not true! We can use loads of help in a variety of departmental duties and we can always use more people who are willing to apply and develop their differing range of skills.

The Church Mouse Players is always looking for new talent and resource people for the various departments both up front and behind the scenes. The departments include: Drama / Acting | Costumes | Set Design | Lights / Sound | Promotions | and Dining Room. Whether it be on the stage, behind the scenes or even in the audience, there may be a spot where we can use your God-given talents. Somewhere that you can truly build upon your skills and let your light shine.

Here are some of the areas within the Church Mouse Players that may be able to use your help:

  • Publicity /Marketing - helping get the word out to the community of our up and coming productions and what we are all about
  • Education - mentoring, networking, project coordination
  • Mini Theater Projects - helping other community groups with their productions
  • Storage - Facilities and Properties - helping to categorize and care for Church Mouse Players properties and costumes and cooperate with initiatives to build new and/or better performance resources
  • Dining Room - decorating, set up, meet and greet, customer polling
  • Technical - backstage, lights, sound and special effects
  • Resource Inventory Coordination - help manage such things as a volunteer database/pool, set/prop resources and/or contact mail listings

You also might consider learning more about working with the CMP in more specialized areas. In the future we may provide mentoring opportunties in selected areas. Here you may learn skills such as:

  • Lighting/Sound Design and Special Effects
  • Play Production / Directing
  • Stage Management
  • Acting / Talent Search
  • Set Design / Prop Acquisition
  • Costuming / Makeup Techniques

The Benefits of Volunteering
For the Volunteer

The reasons for volunteering are as varied as the individuals - whatever your reason, volunteerism can be truly rewarding for both the giver and the recipient - it creates a win/win situation, enriching one's own life while working to benefit others.

Some motivations for volunteering are ...
To work for social change To express personal gratitude To build self esteem
To improve your community and to make a difference To expand your knowledge and share expertise To explore and gain resume & career related experiences
To demonstrate caring for others To be a responsible citizen To experience new challenges
To use Friendship Evangelism to establish and strengthen relationships with others To have some fun as part of maintaining a balanced lifestyle To develop a sense of ownership for your personal learning
To give back to your community To enrich and give new meaning to life To have a good time in a safe & caring environment
Skill Building Opportunities such as ...
To enhance teamwork skills To learn new marketable skills To develop mentor and leadership skills
To work with groups (running effective meetings, learning delegation skills, public relations,) To learn and practice leadership skills (delegating, communicating, time and stress management, goal setting) To improve interpersonal skills (communication, conflict management, adapting to others)

Benefits of Participation
For our Commmunity
  • To provide opportunity to celebrate success and promotes collaboration.
  • To gain an appreciation of what it means to be a part of the Oxford and area community.
  • To have the potential to understand and experience true joy in todays world.
  • To stimulate christian involvement in the community & promote local heroes/personalities.
  • To generate excitement about learning and serving while building on creativity, curiosity & initiative.
  • To sponsor projects which have value in our community beyond the drama group.
  • To provide excellent opportunities for sharing authentic learning experiences.
  • To promote networking contacts and friendships within our community.
  • To provide opportunities to see what other community mentors are doing.
  • To present our God-given talents in an open, supportive, fun and inviting way to the community.
  • To promote enriched partnerships with business and other community organizations.
  • To create opportunities to work with fellow Christians and community in a friendly and fun context.

Drama is an excellent creative outlet to let the world see what wonderful gifts and talents God has given you. It can be a way to build a person`s confidence and self esteem as they recognize their potential. It is also a great method of sharing and learning new skills, as well as identifying and building on your existing skill sets. CMP Check List
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