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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2007 fall Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" You Can't Get There From Here "

You Can't Get There From Here - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

Doggie Ready for Vet - Not!
Arthur's Tabloid News Article is Discovered
The Girls "Old High School Cheer" Song
Liz and Myrtle

The Audience Looks On As Arthur "Drags" In
Here We Go - Dosey Doe
One of the Witches of MacBeth

Arthur's Suitcase And A Few "Personal Items"
Arthur's Sporting the Latest Farmer Fashion

A Little Flash of Magic

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Bed N' Breakfast Girls
Horace and His Lady Friends

Ann Serving Audience
Liz Serving Audience As Well

Our Director - Selling Pop - Our Fall Fund Raiser
Pop Sales for Christmas for Kids - Christmas Tree Angels
Our Cast Is Prompted By Elsie
Elsie, Not Only Does The Set, But Much More!

Our Various Kitchen Crews Prepare a Great Meal
Our Various Kitchen Crews Prepare a Great Meal

Turkey Dinner - An Amazing Meal
And Homemade Pie For Dessert

Our Audience Enjoying The Evening
Everyone is Having a Great Time

You Can't Get There From Here - Curtain Call
Our Church Mouse Players and Department Leaders
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Sound / Lighting Dept
Graham Rich Mentors Coltan in Sound/Lighting Dept
Carpentry - Second Stage Needed Reinforcement
Our Carpenter, Randy, Reinforces Our Staging

Some of the Awesome Costumes - Gypsy Woman
More Awesome Costumes - Southern Belle
Still More Awesome Costumes - Elizabethan Era
Special Effects Costume - Witches of MacBeth

We Even Brought The Line-Up Indoors

Makeup - Not So Liberally Applied By Erin
Our Makeup Department - Hard at Work

Some of The Set and Props - Oh The Work!!
More Set and Props - It All Came Together

So, What do you think?

Why Not, Come and Check Out
Our Next Dinner Theatre Production!

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