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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2004 spring Dinner Theatre performances entitled:
" You Can't Be Too Careful "
Alice - "The smart one".
Our Ladies Round the Table
This is a dress reharsal photo of the Ladies at the table playing games.

Jonesie exercising
This is Jonesie doing his pushups.
Charlie being Charming
Charlie playing the photographer.

Charlie scaring Sweetheart Lady
This is where Charlie has to put the fear into the Sweetheart Lady.
Robber and Undercover Policeman
An off the set shot of robber and plain clothed policeman.

Jonesie with the Beard.
This is Jonesie in his bank robber disguise.
Jonesie without the Beard.
This is Jonesie going commando, i.e. without the beard.

Edna "at her best"
TV Repairman
Louie the TV Repairman.

Cast in Audience
Some of CMP cast mingling with the audience.
Charlie serving audience.

Meter Reader
Meter Reader serving audience
Edna serving audience.

Herriet serving meal.
Francine serving meal.

Jonesie serving meal.
Strawberry Shortcake
"Dessert Extrodinaire". Could it get any better?!!

Do you remember any of these old memory moments?

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