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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2019 Spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Virgil's Wedding "

Set for Wright Wedding Planners

Set for Margaret's House

"Sit - Moe Moe - Sit"

Grandma - Not Signing Book

Uncle Lester and Aunt Polley

Curly Sue and Larry Sue

Tiny and Moe Moe

Mr Perky and Grandma


Mama and Papa Hopper

Mama Sludge - Dummy - Stand-in

Wedding Arrangements

Flowers - Gotta Go!

Is Harley Wayne ... On Fire!

Virgil and Ellard - The Lizerd Trap!"

Virgil and Margaret Dance

Uncle Lester and Aunt Polley

Proposal - NOT!

Dearly Departed

Grandma and Mr Perky Dance

Virgil - Enters Trap

Virgil - Peeks Out

Wedding Dress - "Aweful ... Nice!"

Grandma meets Mr Perky

Grandma Comforts Mama Sludge

Moe Moe and Mr Perky

Wadda You Want Me to Do!

Intrduction of "Tiny"

Uncle Lester

Ellard is Sad

Margaret, Virgil and Grandma

Margaret and Mr Wright

"Don't Even Look at my Man!"

Virgil Sings

Margaret and Virgil Dance

Curtain Call - Cast Lineup

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