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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2011 Spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Tut, Tut, Tutsy " .

Tut Tut Tutsy - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

Mavis & Maybelle - Pepper Sisters

Bowsley & Mrs Drayton

Adelaine & Tutsy

Jarred & Paisley

Quincy & Etheljean

The Interns

Pepper Detectives

Pepper Detective Agency

Mavis - Tries to "Walk Like An Egyptian"

Mavis has "Never Seen ... So Many Zeros"

Jarred - A.K.A. "Jughead"

Adelaine - "Can't Get Out" - Hint: The Door Opens Out!!!

The Mummy Can Give A Real Scare

Bowsley Explains "Company is Perfectly Solvent"

Etheljean - The Actress

What's That - The Mummy?

Mummy - In - Action

Mummy Drags Out Bowsley

Bowsley Brown - Backup-Prop for Curtain Call

"Uncle Tutley - Did you Say "A New Will!""

Etheljean And "The Isle of Santarini"

That Little Blow Dart Couldn't Hurt Anyone!

Adelaine Always Takes Short-cuts

Ma Ma Mummy... Preps to Shoot Etheljean

Mummy Drags Out Etheljean

Mrs. Drayton Packing "A Knife"

Mrs. Drayton Dares Anyone to "Make One Move"

Mrs Drayton Versus Mummy

Mummy Revealed - Mrs Drayton "Red Taped"

Peppers Are "Painting The Town Red"

Some Behind the Scene Photos

We Brought The Line-Up Inside

Youth - Selling Pop - Some $370 in Sales
Proceeds (Topped up to $700) will go towards NYC 2011

The Dining Room is All Setup
Dining in "Early Eqyptian" Decor

Roast Beef Buffet Line Setup

Roast Beef Buffet Line Setup

Roast Beef Dinner - Just Amazing!!

Dessert - Strawberry Shortcake - Awesome!!

Some of Our Kitchen Crew

Some More of Our Kitchen Crew

Our Cast Enjoys Serving

More Help - Serving Audience

The Audience is Very Attentive

Our Audience Enjoying The Evening

"Tut, Tut, Tutsy" - Cast Group Photo - All Lined Up! - Curtain Call

Our Church Mouse Players and Department Leaders
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Sound / Lighting Dept
Glenn Carter - Ran the Sounds and Lighting Effects

Our Prompter - Mickey Perreault

Quincy and His Interns
"A Little Creepy"

The Tutley FamilyLoves Uncle Tutley!! $$


Tinkerbell - Wings

Jarred Disguised As Mummy

Jarred As Mummy - Revealed

Mrs Drayton in Color 2011

Old Mrs Drayton in Black and White - Looks Like 1951

Our Bowsley Prop - Backup for Curtain Call

Our Makeup - Looking Good!

Our Blowgun Cane Prop - Courtesy of Guy Duncan

Our Blowgun Cane Prop - Courtesy of Guy Duncan

Photo Props

Tutley Twin Lost - Search

Eqyptian Props

More Egyptian Props

Our Pepper Detective Agency - Corner Stage

Our Centre Stage

Our Left Side of Stage - Technically Stage Right

Our Right Side of Stage - Technically Stage Left

So, What do you think?
Why not, come and check out What's New
at our next "Dinner Theatre" production!

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