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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2006 spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Tumbleweeds "

Tumbleweeds Cast Group Photo - Our Cast of 30 - All Together - Dressed Up and Ready To Go
Some of the Citizens of Grimy Gulch
Deputy Knuckles, Judge Frump, Mrs Uplift and Mrs Grover
Local - "We Mean Business" - Men
Grave Digger (Wart), Mortician (Claude) & Hangman (Hogarth)

Tumbleweeds & Epic (his horse)
Tumbleweeds & His Faithful Horse - Epic
The Hamhocker Girls
Hildegard Hamhocker and Her Niece - Echo

People of Fort Ridiculous
Trooper Dimbleby, Colonel's Wifey and Colonel Fluster
The Local Poohawk Village
The Whole Poohawk Family Tribe

The Villians - Bad Guys/Gal
SnakeEye McFoul, Clemintine Greedy and Throckmorton Fleesum
Tumbleweeds / Blood Brother - "Oh Casual"
Tumbleweeds / Blood Brother - Practice Stake Scene

Them There's The City Ladies
Teacher Prudence Lovely & Chaparone Aunt Maude
School Girls - Amy, Betty, Caroline & Zenobia
(Not in That Order, Again - No Surprise! - LOL)

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Some of Us Resting While Backstage
Just a Few of Our Cast Relaxing Backstage
Our Poohawks - While in Practice
Our Poohawk "Crazy Wife" Goes Hunting the Locals, LOL

Snake Eye McFoul Waiting Backstage
Snake Eye Just a Sitting by the Ol' Choo Choo Train
Our Poohawk Chief - (AKA) Allan
Our Poohawk Chief Getting Himself All Wound Up

Some of Our Amazing 2-Demensional Props
The Ol' Hound Dog is Just Having a Snooze
Our 2-Dimensional Calvary / Troopies
Our Men in Uniform - The Troopies, Oh My!!

Pop Sold - Haiti Hot Lunch - Spring Fund Raiser
Over $200+ in Pop & Cactus Sales for Haiti Hot Lunch
Roast Beef Buffet - via The Chuck Wagon
Roast Beef Buffet was Served via Chuch Wagon Kitchen

Our Buffet Was a Great Success
The Buffet was an Overwhelming Hit With the Audience
Our Grub Was a Great Hit With Everyone
Our Buffet Allowed 'Em to Load Up On Some Great Food

Tumbleweeds Group Photo - Several of Our "Tumbleweeds" Cast of 30 - Pictured Together Without the Costumes
Our Church Mouse Players and Department Leaders
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Sound / Lighting Dept
Coltan was our Soundman / Michelle (where is she?) Helps with our Lighting
Carpentry - Second Stage Needs Reinforcement
Our Carpenter, Randy, Reinforces Our Poohawk Stage

Costumes - Poohawk Chief & Wife
Just Some of Joan's Amazing Work With Costumes
Prompting via Carolyn and Lorna
Here, Carolyn Tries to Help us With the Prompting

Makeup - Must be Liberally Applied
Our Makeup Department - Hard at Work
Some Musical Talents Were Well Nurtured
Carole T Co-ordinated Our "Limited" Musical Talent

Our Set and Props Looked Awesome
Here is Our 3rd Stage of Colonel Fluster's Fort Ridiculous
Several Props Were Just Amazing
This is the Teepees for the Poohawk Village

Just Some of Our Kitchen Crew
These and Others Truly Prepared a Great Meal
Our Cast Just Loves To Serve and Mingle
Cast/Crew - Always There to Help Out the Audience

Do you remember any of these old memory moments?

Why Not, Come and Check Out Our Next Dinner Theatre Production!

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