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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2008 spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Me and My Shadow " .

Me And My Shadow - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

Roy Saves Some Mysterious Girl from "The Tracks"
Later, Shadow's Wearing Arleen's Dress

Roy - Hiding Shadow
Mother-In-Law - Staying for 10 Days

The Mysterious Oriental Girl - "Is She Dead?"

Arleen Comes Home & Meets Shadow
The Nosey Neighbour Drops By

The Mother-In-Law - Tells Her Abduction Story

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Dr. Douglas, Roy and Arleen - Backstage
Sheriff Hickson With "The Great Sabu"

Guy Duncan Created our Thrown Knife Mechanism
Our Thrown Knife Mechanism - Hidden Out of Sight

Cast Serving Audience
More Cast Serving Audience

Our Director - Selling Pop - Our Spring Fund Raiser
Pop Sales for Malaria Mosquito Nets for Kids in Africa
Our Cast Is Prompted By Norma
Norma, Isn't She a Calm and Reserved Person??

Our Kitchen Staff Prepared a Great Meal
What an Awesome Spread of Great Food

Our Roast Beef Buffet SetUp For a Great Meal
Our Various Kitchen Crews - Hard at Work

Roast Beef Buffet Dinner - An Amazing Meal
And Apple-Caramel Cheesecake For Dessert

Our Audience Enjoying The Evening
Everyone is Having a Great Time

"Me And My Shadow" - Curtain Call
Our Church Mouse Players and Department Leaders
Enjoy Working in Support of our Commmunity

Sound / Lighting Dept
Graham Rich Mentors Coltan in Sound/Lighting Dept
Carpentry - We Needed An Opening Window
Our Carpenter, Randy, Created Our Open Window
Some of the Awesome Costumes - Roy, Arleen & Susan
More Awesome Costumes - Shadow & Dr. Douglas

Still More of the Awesome Costumes - Sabu & Shadow
Still More Costumes - Mrs. Butler & Arleen's Mother-In-Law

We Even Brought The Line-Up Indoors

Makeup - Not So Liberally Applied By Erin
Our Makeup Department - Hard at Work

Some of The Set and Props
More Set and Props - It All Came Together

Some More of The Set and Props - Oh The Work!!
Even More Set and Props - It All Came Together Nicely!

So, What do you think?
Why not, come and check out What's New
at our next "Dinner Theatre" production!

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