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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2009 Fall Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Medium Rare " .

Medium Rare - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

Harvey and Lucinda - "The Jolley's"

Bunny and Harry - "The Polk's"

Nina & Maynard - "A Courting"

Irma - All Dolled up for the "Early Birds"

Harry Carrying Bunny - "Not!"

Time's Up, Mister Maynard Crock!

Early Birds - Gather In!

President Irma & Buddy Bird

Maynard - Meets the Early Birds

Mrs Oppster - "She's Blind Not Deaf"

Maynard's Back goes out (without him) Ouch!

Maynard - "Looking For His Cane" - Found "Ugly Legs!"

Mrs. Oppster Works on Maynard - "Down Come Legs!"

Harry Helps Nina with "The Take Off Cry"!

Cora Comes in While Harry is "Taking Off"

Nina Got No Money for Maynard's Taxi Cabbing

Cabbie Took Maynard's Pants as Leverage

Where is Nina, Now?

Bunny Tries to Console Lucinda

Maynard Needs Some Covering?

Maynard Needs a Little More Flair!

Maynard Still at The Polk's House

Harry Has Given Up/Gone Bananas! "No, No, No!!!

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Early Birds with Nina - Before They Get All Wound Up!

Our Social Gathering - Back Stage

More Gatherings - Back Stage

Got-Cha Gags - E' Nuff said

Gags and Props - E' Nuff Said!

Officers - "Bring Nina In!"

Coochie, Coochie Coo!

Harry - Can be a "Litle Stressed"

More back Stage Antics - Oh, What Fun!

Kendall - Selling Pop - Some $150 in Sales
Proceeds to UNICEF Canada's Gift of Play program

The Dining Room is All Setup
So Quaint and Pretty, eh? - Just Like the Ol' Folk's Did

Our Kitchen Staff - Hard at it - Doing an Amazing Job

Our Kitchen Staff - Even Preped Meals To Go!

We Even Brought The Line-Up Indoors

Turkey Dinner - Just Amazing!!

Served Turkey Dinner - Awesome!!

And Home Made Pies Served for Dessert

And For Dessert - Home Made Pies

Our Cast Enjoys Serving

More Cast - Serving Audience

The Audience is Very Attentive

Our Audience Enjoying The Evening

"Medium Rare!" - All Lined Up! - Curtain Call

Our Church Mouse Players and Department Leaders
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Sound / Lighting Dept
Maureen Hickman - Filling In for our Sound/Lighting Dept

Our Carpenter, Randy, Sitting in the Audience, Again!!

Some of our Costumes - Nina with Early Birds

More Costumes - Harry Being Spiked!!

Still More Costumes - Irma With Buddy

Self Inflicted Costumes - Note: "Mrs Oppster"

Makeup Applied Here

And Some More Makeup - Thank You Linda!

On Set - Our Vacant Stage

So, What do you think?
Why not, come and check out What's New
at our next "Dinner Theatre" production!

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