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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2005 fall Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Happily Ever Once Upon "

Cinderella Cast Group Photo - Our Cast Together - All Dressed and Ready To Go
Prince Charming / Cinderella
Prine Charming & Cinderella has just awakened
Melba and Red
Melba - The Fairygodmother and Red Riding Hood

Pied Piper / Rumple
Pied Piper and A.E. Rumplestiltskin
Jason & Goldie
Jason & Goldielocks w Cinderella Chaparone

Princess #1 / Jack Caldwell
Princess and Jack (and the Bean Stalk) Caldwell
Princess 2 and 3
Princess #2 and Princess #3

Aletta / Gretchen
Aletta and Gretchen - Dressed for the Ball
Operation Christmas Child - Fall Fund Raiser
$150 in Pop Sale Profits for Operation Christmas Child

Jason / Prince Charming
Jason and Prince Charming
Melba / AE Rumple
Melba - The Fairygodmother and A.E. Rumplestiltskin

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Some of the Cumberland Teaberries Red Hatters
They were Quoted in a Later Article in the Local Media
"We Are Very Impressed With This (CMP) Organization!"
Our Cast - Ready In The Wings
Our Cast Lines Up on the Stairway

Makeup - Must be Liberally Applied
Our Makeup Dept - Hard at Work
Makeup / Helping Hands
Extra Help Goes A Long Way - Thanks Gang!

Some Kitchen Crew
Some Kitchen Crew - Dishing Out a Great Meal
Our Dessert - Pie
Our Dessert - Pie Looks Great and Tastes Even Better

Curtain Call - Dress Rehearsal Practise - Our Curtain Call - All Lined Up!

Do you remember any of these old memory moments?

Why Not, Come and Check Out Our Next Dinner Theatre Production!

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