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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2016 Spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" I Dream of Genie "

I Dream of Genie - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

The Market Place

More of The Market Place



The Market

Snake Charmer

Prince Falls Down

Prince Falls

You know the Prince has money!

Queen is not well

Queen still planning

Queen in Marketplace

Girls - Accepting the Challenge

Girls - The chase is on!

"The "Lock of Hair" Challenge is Met"

The "Alley of Darkness"

These Guys are Best Friends

Prince Aban "Rubs The Lamp"

Jeannie Enters

Jeannie - The Genie

Jeannie meets the Guys

Jeannie has a little contract to sign!

Now - Make a Wish

Girls are under a spell and "All Over" Prince Alban

Jeannie wants to make Prince Aban "Cool"

Queen is not impressed with Aban being "Cool"

An Interview

Another Interview

An Interview

Interviewer Gets Wet

"Jeannie wishes to make prince Aban "More Macho"

Queen see Aban as "Gladiator" with chicken legs

Two Genies with Mathis

"Get Ready to Rumble"

Genie Costume

Genies Costumes

French Maids

Who are the New Maids?

The Contenders

"Dancing for the Prince!"

"More Dancing for the Prince!"

Mathis Sees the Lamp

"Who is this?"

Mathis has Got the Lamp

What Happened to Mathis?

"Time to Choose!"

The Chosen One

The Curtain Call

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Our Director

Tania - Making Annoucements

Our Program Cover

Our Program Inside

Our Church Mouse Players Cast and Crew
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Some Kitchen Crew

Our Guys Are Hard at It - Cutting Awesome Tender Roast Beef

The Buffet - Amazing

Food and Gravy - Awesome

The Dessert - Simply Amazing

Awesome Beef Dinner

The Cast - Serving the Audience

Our Cast - Loves to Serve

"I Dream of Genie" An Amazing Cast

So, What do you think?
Why not, come and check out What's New
at our next "Dinner Theatre" production!

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