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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2016 Spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" A Good Old Fashioned Big Family Christmas "

A Good Old Fashioned Big Family Christmas - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

Judith and Hayden

Judith "What did you say to my sister?"

Phoebe comes home

Hayden with Phoebe

College Laundry

"Not my idea!"

Neinghour Comes Over

Hayden in the Shed

Hayden Alone

Cliff - gets beat

Big Family

Great Idea

We'll Discuss it Later

"Just Jolly Up!"

"I'm Up, I'm Up!!!

Carol Singing - What Fun!

Carol Singing

Carol Singing - Someone gets "Carried Away" AGAIN!

Hayden - "Being Attacked"

Hayden Explains

Hayden and Judith with Phoebe - Listening In

Only Three Brownies

Phoebe and Judith - Discuss Skiing

The Strange Tool

Guys Rally

"No Complaints!"

Nothing New

Jack and Arlene

Jack and Arlene - Agrue too

Jack and Arlene - Arrive

Girls Rally

We're Gonna Stand for This?

Usually Carping like Seals

Is Grandpa Dead?

Did Grandpa, Bite the Big One?

"Who is making all that noise?"

Twerking - Gone Wrong

Up to Something

Why are We Up?

Not Arguing, We're Just Having a Discussion

Make Coffee

Kids with Judith

Keys to the RV

Girls Fighting

Girls are Fighting

Hand Shake like Holding a Flounder

Gift Cards - For Everyone

Laugh get along

Mom and Dad

Jack Argues with Arlene

Crazy Lady

Elf Number 2 Reporting

Elf is a Sailor now

Listen in

Settle Down

Welcome, Neighbour

What is going on?

Max - "What were you thinking?"

Phoebe - "Something is going on!"

Who started it?

Why not now?

Quite a Pair

"Look Out Your Window!"

Girls were Bribed to be Good - But For a Good Cause

Old Truro Road

Old Fashioned Way

We are getting a boat

After you, Tom!

Kick or Not?

Another Idea

Not the Only One with Ideas

The Curtain Call - Group Photo

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Deedra Singing

Tania - Making Announcements

Pop Sales

Tania - Making Annoucements

Our Church Mouse Players Cast and Crew
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Some Kitchen Crew

Our Guys Are Hard at It - Cutting Awesome Tender Roast Beef

The Buffet - Amazing

Beef Dinner - Simply Awesome

The Dessert - Simply Amazing

Awesome Beef Dinner

"A Good Old Fashioned Big Family Christmas " An Amazing Cast

So, What do you think?
Why not, come and check out What's New
at our next "Dinner Theatre" production!

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