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Photos and Past Productions

Photos from our 2014 Spring Dinner Theatre production entitled:
" Beautiful Crazy "

Beautiful Crazy - Cast Group Photo - All Dressed Up and Ready To Go

Cindy talking to her Mother

Read the Contract - Fine Print

Jim asks Cindy "Pweese!"

Alicia - "Snooping around"

Text reads from # "867-5309". "Oh, Really!!"

Alicia and Jim

Cindy - Jim ... look in my eyes

Jim says "Places Everyone... Places!"

Jane is "Catatonic"

Alex - "You are an unauthorized visitor!!!"

So, Do I get a costume?

Alicia - "So... What is my motivation?"

Jane - has a cow!

Tom and Butter Are Getting Along Just Fine

Someone help Jane?

Jane - Holds Poses

Alicia says: "When is the Handsome Doctor Showing Up?" LOL

Mandy says: "She is My Sister?"

Mandy - "You Think I'm Beautiful, Doctor?"

Alicia - "How Unfair"

Tom says: "I've Acted in Theatre Before, You Know"

Nurse Decker - "Get Back to Your Rooms!"

Bob says: "I knew She was Up to Something"

Bob is Security Crazy

"Please Use Some Restraint, Bob?"

Bob wants to use "The Taser"

Cindy and Jim - Under Bob's Interrogation

Cindy and Jim - under arrest

Bob says: "One move Pal and its the Taser"

Bob says: "What's the Number for 911"

Jane falls down

Help Jane up again

kungfu pose

Bobby, You a looking at me?

Sam, Tom and Cindy

Sam-Tom, Our Orderly

Dr Hallifield with the "Doctors and an Orderly"

The "Staff Infected" Chair

Nurse Rutledge... is Immune to Staff

Alex, Sam and ... Bob is Down

Tom, Alex and Butter - Playing "Crazy Eights"

Gotta - Take Bob Off

Crazy Cast

Nurse Decker - "Is outa it!"

Bob and Nurse Decker

Dr Hallifield

Dr. Butters Worth

Butter - Looks Down

Tom - "You want the good news"

Jim - "Is he alive?"

Nurse Decker says: "Who are you, Doctor?"

Sam Stuck Bob With a Needle

Alex says: "Get Out Of My Chair"

Tom Knows Kungfu

Cindy, Jim and Alicia - Love Triangle

Nurse - Cindy Walker

Alex falls asleep

Butter and Tom "Crying"

The Big Kiss

Alicia says: "Totally Awesome Academy Award Performance There"

Jane Revealed

Both Jane and Butter are Defintely Improving

Some Behind the Scene Photos

Kendall / Director

Tania - Making Annoucements

Alicia and Tom

Alicia - at her finest

Pics Backstage

Backstage Script Peaking

A Touch of Makeup for the Cast

And Always a Bit of Fun Messing Around Antics

Some Cast Antics - So Much Fun!

Cast Backstage Antics

Our "Beautiful Crazy" Programme

Our "Beautiful Crazy" Programme - Inside Cover

Kendall - Selling Pop - Some $250 in Sales - Proceeds (Topped up to $500) will go towards
"Tim Horton's Youth Camp in Tatamagouche"

Our Church Mouse Players Cast and Crew
Enjoy Working in Support of our Community

Buffet Table Setup

Mike and Chris - Meat Cutters

Our Guys Are Hard at It - Cutting Awesome Roast Beef

Roast Beef - So Tender

Roast Beef - Buffet Dinner

Roast Beef Dinner - Just Amazing!!

Roast Beef Dinner - Takeout Plate - Awesome!!

Awesome Meal of Roast Beef and All the Trimmings

The Roast Beef Buffet - Setup

Awesoome Gravy - Served by Butter - AKA Wendy

Awesome Gravy - Served by Dr. Hallifield - AKA Carla

Dessert - Homemade Cheesecake - All Ready to Go!!

Dessert - Cheesecake - Delicious!!

The Audience is Very Attentive

Our Audience Enjoying The Evening

Cast Enjoy Serving and Interacting With the Audience - Oh What A Fun Night!

"Beautiful Crazy" - An Amazing Bunch of Crazies!

"Beautiful Crazy" Curtain call - An Amazing Cast

So, What do you think?
Why not, come and check out What's New
at our next "Dinner Theatre" production!

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